English N-gram Against the Machine: On the Feasibility of the N-gram Network Analysis for Binary Protocols Analysis and evaluation of several anomaly-based detection algorithms using variants of n-gram analysis on real-life environments. RAID 2012

English Efficient Padding Oracle Attacks on Cryptographic Hardware How to exploit the encrypted key import functions of a variety of different crypto-graphic devices to reveal the imported key. Crypto 2012

Italian Dispensa di teoria dell’informazione Notes for the course of information theory, written with Daniele Turato. February 2009

Italian Introduzione ad MPI A brief introduction to MPI, a message-passing library for parallel computation. December 2008

Italian Method Invocation in Java A detailed explanation on how Java chooses the method to invoke at runtime considering overloading and overriding, with pratical examples. March 2008

Italian Introduzione al funzionamento degli switch in reti Ethernet A short introduction to Ethernet switches, including the creation of the Spanning Tree, flow control and VLANs. December 2007

English PhpGedView puts your ancestors on the Web An overview of PhpGedView, a web-based software to create and display genealogy trees on the web. Published on, September 2007

English Review: BackTrack 2 security live CD My review of BackTrack, the popular Linux Distribution useful for penetration testing and forensic analysis. Published on, April 2007

English Nine ways to combat spam An overview of the most common techniques to combat spam. Published on IT Manager’s Journal, December 2006